The ib program prepares you to think globally, make connections, and develop as a principled citizen and leader—while building skills and habits of mind that will propel your success in college and life.

(For grades 9-10)
IB Middle Years Program

As you explore core subjects, you’ll learn to think across areas of study, cultivate a creative mindset, channel learning into service and action, and prepare for success in the Diploma Program.

(For grades 11-12)
Diploma Program

While deepening core studies, you will launch independent projects, grapple with the nature of knowledge, and link coursework to the world beyond the classroom—laying an exceptional foundation for college success and global citizenship.

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Signature Program

You will engage with the global landscape—through international travel, hands-on experiential learning in major American cities, and prepare for the future world by exploring the intersection of technology and creativity.
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